“End Grocery Waste” App Based On GS1 DataBar Standard

“End Grocery Waste” App Benefits

  • Attracts and retains more loyal customers through relevant, environmentally friendly and personalized fresh food deals (See Social Impact)
  • Maximizes supermarket sales revenue (See Business Case)
  • Improves food safety by easily identifying expired and recalled perishables from a specific lot while on the shelf
  • Differentiates food retailers and other technology participants as  environmentally friendly

The “End Grocery Waste” App enables automatic purchasing incentives for fresh perishables approaching their expiration dates.

This approach eliminates labor-intensive manual relocation and promotional labeling of the promoted perishable lots.

shelf 1200A previously printed Cycled Discount Label on a product from a specific lot is automatically associated with a Digital Coupon for the specific lot at the point of purchasing decision. The Digital Coupon is displayed on a consumer’s personal smartphone or on another kind of display device such as an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL). The Digital Coupon delivery could be triggered by different means such as an in-store Beacon system.

Utilizing the new Cycled Discount Labeling technique along with the emerging GS1 DataBarTM (a new open barcode standard) and a new Information Technology (IT) element enables the automatic lot-based promotion communication.

The lot-based offers are automatically redeemed at the supermarket’s Point Of Sale (POS) after standard GS1 DataBar scanning for product GTIN and attributes such as lot#, batch# or expiration date. There is no need to scan this Digital Coupon by the POS.

DataBarTM is a GS1 trademark

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