Social Impact

The “End Grocery Waste” App offers are not limited to discounts; other automatic  incentives such as personal “Green Points” for participating in global environmental sustainability efforts may be considered as well (with or without discount). The “Green Points” could be used toward future fresh food purchases or for social network based food donation programs.

Optional “End Grocery Waste” App settings on the smartphone enable the display of relevant and personalized Digital Coupons only. These offers could be based on the acceptable range of remaining product shelf life for the individual consumer based on his/her typical consumption of the product.

The personalized Digital Coupons delivery could be triggered by different means such as an in-store Beacon system.Social Network full 1200“End Grocery Waste” App encourages efficient consumer shopping behavior that maximizes grocery retailer revenue, makes fresh food affordable for all families and effectively reduces the global carbon footprint.